Eve's Indexing Service

Eve's Indexing Service

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am the author, why can't I just write my own index?  Why hire and indexer at all?
This is a decision many authors face.  Some do decide to write their own indexes and enjoy the process, but some authors prefer have someone with the experience and specialized software not to mention familiarity with indexing best practices.  One author wrote about her experience with writing her own index here.  ASI has created a very informative brochure on this topic which can be viewed here.

What are your specialties and/or areas of expertise*?
South and Central American Culture
Children's Non-Fiction
Gardening and Self-Sustainability
General Interest topics

*these are areas that I have specialized knowledge in but I have also indexed biographies, political science, textbooks, medical and health books, and various other general interest topic books.

What are your rates?
My payment rate is determined on a per page basis which can vary from $2.50-4.50.  Un-indexable
material such as the table of contents, glossary or any blank pages are not counted in the final page count.  Rates are also determined by the density of the text.  My rates are flexible and can best be determined through my review of a sample chapter of the book.  Please contact me for an estimate as each book is unique.

How long have you been indexing and what qualifies you to create back-of-the-book indexes?
You can find out more about my education, indexing experience, and background on the About me link at the top of this page.  You can also view my resume here.

Where can I view an index you have written that has been published?
Amazon.com provides viewers with a "look inside" option for many of their books.  This is a small sample of books that I have written indexes for. The following titles are hyperlinked and clicking on these will take you to their amazon page where you can access the index by clicking on the book cover.
Evolving Eldercare in Contemporary China
Studying in China: A Practical Handbook for Students
Counseling Hispanics Through Grief and Bereavement
The Real Deal: The Life of Bill Knapp

How do I find out more about becoming a book indexer?
The American Society for Indexing has an excellent website full of information for anyone looking for information about indexing.  You could start on their FAQ page

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