Eve's Indexing Service

“Intelligence is not the ability to store information, but to know where to find it.”  - Albert Einstein

With a well-rounded knowledge base, I handle topics in the cultural and international realms, with a focus on anthropology, current events, government, history and sociology in general interest and scholarly books. I am also fluent in Spanish.

I meet deadlines, pride myself on accuracy, and offer competitive rates. I also enjoy working with authors.

Contact me for an estimate on your project. Rush projects accepted.

View published indexes of mine on Amazon.com by clicking on the titles below.

Evolving Eldercare in Contemporary China
Iowa's Record Setting Governor: The Terry Branstad Story

Constructing a Legacy: The Weitz Company and the Family who Built It
The Real Deal: The Life of Bill Knapp

Gather around the Amish Table
Studying in China: A Practical Handbook for Students
How Israel Became a People


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